A Guide For College Apartments

When you are looking for college apartments, there isn’t that much of a difference between them and the regular apartments; just look at the apartments in Virginia Beach VA, for example. However, there are quite a few tips you should be aware of, including location, price and how many roommates you should have. Make sure you take those tips into account before deciding to rent or buy a college apartment.

The location is an important factor when it comes to making a choice. It is almost as crucial as the cost, especially for students. You should be looking for places that are near a campus. Even though you may have a car, you won’t have to spend as much on the gas, and there will be days when you simply won’t feel like going. Also, if you live away from the campus, you will be segregated from your mates, and you will not be able to reach certain campus services – the public library, the gym, etc. Besides, you will waste a lot of time commuting.

You should look at separate leases. If your roommate agrees, you can speak to your landlord to pay for your part of the apartment and not for the entire unit. There are plenty of rental apartments that do this. Even though your roommate may be a great person when the bill is too high because he forgot the A/C on, you will be frustrated, and you will have to pay more yourself. Also, certain damages that may occur will be directly traceable to him/her this way.

You will also have more door locks. Both you and your mate will like the fact that you can have some intimacy and private access to certain areas of the apartment. Some landlords will offer them ‘by default’ while others will only do it on demand. Most rentals in Virginia Beach will do so.

You can also choose whether to pick a furnished or an unfurnished place. Some people don’t want old furniture, even if it looks brand new while others don’t want any furniture at all. Unfurnished apartments are cheaper, and if you rent a furnished place, you also risk damaging some items that you will have to pay for.

You also need to thoroughly inspect the apartment before deciding to move in with your roommate. Are there any creaky doors? Do the windows properly open? Is there proper heating, is the water running? Are there any cracks in the walls? Every single detail counts, even though the landlord says he won’t negotiate the price. Everything is negotiable, fortunately.

All in all, finding yourself a roommate is usually a good choice since you will have to pay less money and you will also have plenty of intimacy if you wish to.